Mr. Vijay Bhatia, Chairman

vijay-bhatiaI feel proud and happy to introduce to you INNOVATIVE INSTITUTE of TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT and welcome you to this prestigious institution. Innovative was established in 2010 and joined the spirit and action the selfless patriots in building the nation. We focus on training people who can shape the destiny of INDIA with competence and dedication.

We continuously strive for excellence in quality education through nurturing the talents by a rigorous process of shaping the budding professionals tuned to the requirement of industrial sectors.

We are known for our academic excellence. We try to instill values through courses, activities, events and the environment we create. The integral and value based formation should impel a person to be innovative, competent and creative leader.

Student will get ample opportunity to interact with industry experts from every walk of life and learn the problems and prospects ahead of you and available to you. These interactions combined with your classroom inputs will help you to opt for a career you dream of.

I welcome you to join the nation builders to build a nation which can lead the world intellectually, emotionally & spiritually.

With our best Wishes
Mr. Vijay Bhatia, Chairman


To provide value based and affordable education to those who are keen to learn, discover, explore and to develop the talents of those who are desirous of outstanding achievements in all fields, thus building one of the world’s great educational set up for the “Good to All”.