Hostel Rules

  1. Rooms will be allotted by the Chief Hostel Warden
  2. Maintain Discipline and follow instructions fabricated by the hostel advisory committee who is responsible for overall running of the hostel in the supervision of chief warden
  3. Sign In/ Out register kept with hostel security whenever you are IN/OUT of the hostel for your classes/mess or anywhere in the campus
  4. Take warden written permission whenever you go out of campus.
  5. Visiting time to warden, except in emergency are 7:00 pm – 10:00pm.
  6. Complaint register will be available with hostel security.
  7. Inform warden immediately if there is any emergency.
  8. In case of non-compliance within 24 hours, student can personally contact hostel warden. If further inconvenience occurs then student can approach chief warden.
  9. First-Aid box is available in hostel. Take medicines only after consulting warden
  10. Hostellers are responsible for keeping their rooms and the common area in hostel clean and tidy at all times.
  11. Guest can stay in guest rooms only with the prior permission of chief hostel warden along with accommodation charges Rs. 100/- per day (Non – AC) & Rs. 300/- per day (AC) & meal charges will be Rs. 35/- per meal.
  12. All kind of indoor & outdoor sports items will be available with the sports officer in boy’s hostel and with the hostel warden in the girl’s hostel. Student can contact the concerned person.
  13. Students should take permission from wardens by submitting a letter giving the details of their outings. The outings can be entered in a register with the warden and the student should sign in the register after they return. Parents will be informed in case of frequent outings.