Mechanical Engineering

The department of Mechanical Engineering strives to produce the best mechanical engineers who can perform globally. To sharpen core mechanical engineering skills of the students by judicious blend of theoretical and practical measures, the department is equipped with all the modern mechanical engineering laboratories such as CAD/CAM lab, Thermodynamics lab, I C Engines and Gas Turbines Lab, Steam and Power Generation Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Fluid Machinery Lab, Automobile Engineering Lab, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning lab, Engineering Mechanics Lab, Material Science Lab, Strength of Material Lab, Production Technology, Measurement & Instrumentation Lab, Kinematics of Machine Lab, Dynamics of Machine Lab and Mechanical Workshop. The department focuses on creative & innovative classroom teaching, teamwork, interpersonal communication skills, and research activities. The department uses modern methodologies like interactive lectures, guided case studies, literature surveys & project work.

The department of mechanical engineering has well qualified and experienced faculty members who can guide, motivate and train the students in achieving their professional goals. The faculty members are actively involved with students in their practical projects.

Main Subjects

  • Fluid Machines
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Machine Design
  • Heat & Mass Transfer
  • Material Management
  • Design of Machines Elements
  • Machines of Solid
  • CAD & CAM
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Operation Research
  • Advance Foundry Technology
  • Thermal Turbo Machine

The well-equipped, modern workshop of INNOVATIVE with heavy machines grinds and nurture the mindset of would –be mechanical engineers to enable them to perform in the projects at the global level

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