Curricular Activities

One of the aspects that make INNOVATIVE stands apart is the attempt to go beyond curricular so that the students attain comprehensive growth. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities are not seen as mere pastimes but steps towards sustained, overall development of every student. This educational concept, by any means, does not belittle the importance of serious academic studies, but, while entirely and systematically covering the core curricula, concerted efforts are taken to make the students emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and social strong. The purpose of this conceptual approach is to turn young people into self-dependent, but, socially responsible individuals who can make meaningful contributions to the development of the country and the world at large.

INNOVATIVE Institute encourages the formation of students’ forum that provide students with platform to demonstrate their talents through debates, speeches, one act play etc. drama, dance and other performing arts also make creative explorations possible to a large extent.

Cultural Programs & sports are regular affair and participation in them ensures mental and physical agility. The spirit of competition is kept alive and non-performers gradually turn into top performers.