Computer Science & Engineering

The department of Computer Science & Engineering aims to produce quality software professionals at global level by training students in various subjects like Data Structure, Object Oriented Programming, Core & Advance Java, Web Technologies, Software Engineering, Multimedia Technologies, Computer Networking, Computer Security, Data Warehousing & Mining. Analysis & Design of Algorithms, Software Testing, System Programming, Compiler Design, Artificial intelligence and expert systems.

To accomplish this, the department has programming Lab, Multimedia Lab, Soft Computing Lab, Advance Java Lab, DBMS Lab, Project Lab and operating Systems Lab, OOPS Lab, Data Structure Lab, FCPC Lab & Research Lab. These labs are equipped with IBM desktops having Core i3, i5 and dual core configurations supported by softwares like C++, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Adobe suits, Red Hat Linux and oracle 10g. All the computer labs have dedicated high-speed Internet Connectivity of 6 Mbps.

This is an ever growing field with sky as the limit in terms of learning, job prospects and growth for the future.