Innovative Institute of Technology & Management
B.Tech – Electronics & Communication Engineering

B.Tech – Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Electronics & Communication Engineering students are provided good foundation in electronics, in-depth knowledge to design, fabricate, maintain and service, supervise and manufacture electronic equipment used in the entertainment media, healthcare, computer industry, communication, aerospace and defence

The department has computers in various labs with latest configuration hardware and most required software’s like MATLAB, ORCAD and Xilinx etc. Digital System Designed Laboratory is equipped with FPGA and CPLD Boards. In the Embedded System Design Lab, students learn assembly level and high level programming on the Atmel 8051, PIC microcontroller boards. 8085 & 8086 microprocessor simulator kits are the basic features of the microprocessor lab.

The department also has PCB lab, Control System Lab, Instrumentation & Measurement Lab, Communication System Lab, Analog Lab, Digital Lab, Network Lab, Electrical Technology Lab and Electrical Machine Lab etc. to provide exposure to students in their respective areas.

To improve teaching & learning environment, periodic training programs & seminars are conducted. The department has well qualified faculty members to guide the students for GATE and various competitive exams.

Main Papers

  • Electronics & Instrumentation
  • Electronic Circuits, Analysis & Design
  • Pulse & Digital Electronics
  • Analog Integrated Circuits
  • Microprocessors & Application
  • Automatic Control System
  • Antenna & Wave Propagation
  • Communication Engineering
  • Funda of Digital Signal Processing
  • VLSI System Design

This lab caters to 300 students of all the branches. In this lab the students are exposed to various types of AC/DC inductors, transistors and transformers. They are able to visualize their operations and maintenance features. They also work on semi conductor kits of rectifiers and amplifiers circuit. Students practically verify various theorems taught to them in theories like Norton’s Theorem. Through practical classes, we help assure their interest in this field.